Activist investors

Wells Fargo CEO: Ousting most of board would be 'crazy'


Tim Sloan just survived his biggest test yet, when a board investigation found he wasn't to blame for the bank's notorious account scandal. But his next is just days away: Persuading investors not to expel much of the board.


How Wells Fargo could overcome a shareholder revolt


Even in the event of a landslide, throw-the-bums-out investor vote over director seats next week, expect business as usual in Wells’ boardroom for a long while.


Delanco Bancorp in N.J. reaches truce with activist investor


The company appointed a representative of Stilwell Group to its board. Stilwell, meanwhile, agreed to back Delanco's board nominees and refrain from pushing for the company's sale.


Washington Federal to buy Anchor Bancorp for $64 million


Anchor's sale agreement comes less than a year after it put a representative of the activist investor Stilwell Group on its board.


Barclays chief investigated; More pressure on Wells board


CEO Jes Staley is investigated by British authorities for trying to unmask a bank whistleblower and will take a pay hit; ISS is second consultant to call for voting against Wells directors.


Megabanks lead fight to curtail influence of ‘social impact’ investors


Investors concerned about the impact on banking of climate change, the pay gap and ethics matters are pushing back against a coalition of the heads of the biggest U.S. banks and other public companies that wants to limit small investors’ access to proxy ballots.


Why advocates of splitting chairman, CEO roles are gaining ground


Proposals to split the chairman and CEO roles at banks have rarely succeeded. But new developments — including a proposal to require separate roles for the next generation of managers — are helping concerned shareholders slowly make inroads.


Reputational risks are heightened by tense political climate


The newest reputational threat has nothing to do with violations of regulations or ethical norms, but rather with the extreme polarization and activism spreading through the country.


Can bank divestment stop the Dakota Access Pipeline?


Activists are pressuring banks involved in financing the controversial Dakota Access pipeline to abandon the project by threatening to withdraw their money and sever business ties. Can that tactic change how banks approach lending – and what does it mean for banking if it can?


Biggest investor in Fla.’s Seacoast plans to slash stake


CapGen, once a vocal critic of management, will cut its holdings to as little as 3% of shares outstanding.