Bigger & Fewer: "Banks" Rule


There is a new mosaic, or one that was just not recognized, developing in the Economy, and somewhat specifically in the mortgage area. Banks, systematically getting bigger and bigger, and fewer and fewer, are dictating the rules.

The Big 4 (or 4 1/2) BANKS have made it clear through their elected, and properly paid for members of Congress (politely referred to as "Lobbying"), that they do not want Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) but in case she gets there (during a recess appointment), they want to emasculate (no offense Prof/Dr/Atty Warren) the agency first. The argument or rationalization: No agency should have the authority to enforce existing regulations that affect consumers or pass new regulations to fix really bad problems that hurt the economy as a whole. Even Hemp has more supporters than HAMP!

The same interests have been keeping Congress itself where it is possible, from passing enacting legislation that would force mortgage modifications and punish those who knowingly created, hyped and sold securities that they themselves bet against (hedges). These "Security Instruments", known as Mortgage Backed Securities and more generally categorized as Collateralized Debt Obligations were the mainstay of Lehman Brothers' (remember them?) profits; oh, and don't forget about Goldman Sachs! The play was that if enough mortgages were written, there would be enough good ones to overcome the bad ones: Quantity always wins but only if you are the creator/seller! As Phil McGraw, PhD, better known as "Dr. Phil" says "Well, how's that workin' for you now?" NOT SO WELL DOC!!!!

Wells Fargo is in Court in Tennessee and Maryland trying to avoid being convicted of "Reverse Redlining", the pernicious practice that promised lower income and less educated/sophisticated borrowers, usually minorities, the AMERICAN DREAM - Home Ownership but lied and cheated to make the sale. "Mrs. Jones, the payments will only be $300 per month - for the first month then the rate will equal the 6 month rate of the percentage, the denominator of which is 100 and the numerator is 10 plus no greater than 7% nor any less than 7%,. and, Mrs. Jones, that rate will be in place until the first change date after which the loan will float to the regular level for this type of loan".

"Don't worry Mrs Jones, we at "Fast Talking Mortgage" would never steer you wrong. Just check our rating at the BBB. Here is the telephone number 1-800-waitforever; and if you have any problem with the loan, one of our Loan Specialty Team (for borrowers who complain), will assist you - that telephone number is 1-877-waitforever". If it wasn't so real and so devastating, that kind of "pitch" would make a great Saturday Night Live spoof. People struggling to pay rent are told they can own a home; and then they end up on the street.

The Banks have uniformly maintained that the laws do not apply to them - state vs federal - and even if they do, the banks didn't make the loans, they are just the Trustee or manager or they sold the loan and had just acted as an intermediary, owning the loan for mere seconds. What's worse is that they have all of the money in the world (well not really but more than any Plaintiff does) and are willing to spend ten (10) times the amount needed to fix the problem in order to justify their actions.

In all seriousness, what can be more despicable than convincing low income struggling families that they can buy a home of their own, when the game is just to make a sale of a mortgage and not care whether it's affordable. In fact, most of these loans were granted where the Loan Originator knew the loan would adjust to a point where the borrower would not be able to make the payments. Once again, no one cared. No entity was "on the risk". No bank or mortgage company would lose $0.05, because the loans were sold into a pool - securitized with 2,500 other loans. Again, the thought was that quantity made up for quality and if not, so what! No one loses, except the homeowners and, as we have seen, the Economy.

Add to the mortgage mess - we have the "Interchange Rate" debate. Regulators (formerly called "Revenooers") are trying to force the price charged for each "swipe"/use of a credit or debit card down from an average of $0.44 to $0.12, at least for the big 4 1/2. That is a huge drop in Bank revenue but also a huge drop in what merchants, and therefore consumers, pay for use of the debit card. Folding money looks better every day. Maybe we should all buy stock in Crane & Co., the company that makes the paper for U.S. money.

Group 4 1/2 are fighting the change mightily as they stand to lose $hundreds of millions if the change takes place.

We can then move to the issues about whether a Bank,the kind where you can go and open a checking or savings account, should be allowed to directly make loans and Securitize pools of Loans themselves, avoiding the middleman. In 1974 we had 14,000 banks in the country. By 2017 the count is expected to be 2,500. If you realize that this represents 50 banks for each state, they "Hometown Bank" is dead. Even now, in a city like Pittsfield, MA which has a population of 40,000+/-, a merger of TWO (2) Savings Banks is taking place (thank you FDIC) - the rub is between them they have nearly 50% of the deposits in the entire County. The next largest entity is a Federal Credit Union.

Bigger isn't better, it's just bigger. And, bigger means more power - a greater ability to force laws on or off the books through trade organizations and their lobbyists. Is big bad? Not conceptually; but in practice?. As of Friday 5/06/2011, the ABA (American Bankers Ass'n) seemed to have changed its position regarding Elizabeth Warren and will support the nomination. The CEOs of Group 4 1/2 must be furious. Congress, especially the GOP side, is forcing a "recess appointment" .

There is no easy, or even difficult, answer to this issue. The consolidation of the Financial Services Industry is moving faster and faster. The was a time, not so long ago, when Banks and Insurance companies and Stock Brokerages all had to be separate. Now we have one stop financial shopping. Convenient, maybe. Dangerous - ABSOLUTELY

Author's Copyright by Richard I Isacoff, Esq, May, 2011

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