Funding for SBA-backed loan pools dries up


A program that lets firms bundle Small Business Administration loans is on hold while Congress spars over a new budget. The impasse is causing headaches for banks that rely on loan sales for fee income.


Mike Cagney launches blockchain for loan trading. Will banks go for it?


The former SoFi chief’s latest startup, Figure, has created what it says is a transparent marketplace for buying and selling assets. Some banks have embraced the technology, but other blockchain projects have stalled because lenders don't want rivals to see their data.


Using AI to make secondary market for online consumer loans


Theorem is marketing its first-ever securitization of unsecured loans. It uses machine-learning technology to gauge the risk of default, a growing concern during the pandemic recession.


Pinnacle Financial affiliate tries its hand at asset securitization


Bankers Healthcare Group, which is minority owned by the Tennessee company, is moving beyond its primary strategy of selling health care originations to community banks and will start marketing pools of loans to investors.


Hildene packages community bank debt into new CDO offering


The class A notes, secured by legacy trust-preferreds and subordinated debt of institutions, carry an investment-grade A1 rating from Moody's. That rating is slightly lower than a prior Hildene CDO, due to elevated pandemic risk to bank profitability.