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Vehicles and Equipment for Sale

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Vehicles and Equipment for Sale

Price: $44,500.00

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Item #: pawbke_360738
Created: 05/12/2020
Category: Business Property > Equipment > Other
Sale Date: None Set
Seller Info
Natalie Cardiello
107 Huron Drive
Carnegie, PA 15106
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 2:19-bk-21199
Case Title: Avant Gardening, Inc.
Court: Pennsylvania Western Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 7
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Sale of vehicles, equipment and various other items of personal property owned by the Avant Gardening, Inc., and more described as below:

1999 Ford F250 (scrap); 2003 Ford F450 (scrap); 2004 Ford F250 (scrap); 2004 Ford F250; 2005 Ford F450; 2005 Ford F250; 2008 Ford F250; 2008 Ford F250 (scrap); 2012 Ford F250; 1948 Dump Truck; 1998 Dodge Ram1500; 1999 New Holland LX665;; 2011 New Holland L223; 2012 New Holland L218; 2008-2009 New Holland LS175; 4 Western Star Plows; 2 Lesco Salt Spreaders; 2 Snapper Walk Behinds; Perma Green Triumph Spreader/Sprayer; 2015 Big Tex Trailer; 1999 Custom Trailer; Various other Landscaping Equipment used by the seller as listed in its Schedules; 2008 New Holland EH50-8 Excavator; CornPro Trailer (Scheduled as 2006 Cornelius Trailer); and 2014 F450 Ford Truck.

Additional Details

  1. Bid Deposit: 10% of the purchase price
  2. Bid Deadline: 72 hours prior to the sale hearing

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Terms and Conditions:

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