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Vehicles and Equipment for Sale

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Vehicles and Equipment for Sale

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Item #: nebke_166905
Created: 03/04/2019
Category: Business Property > Equipment > Other
Sale Date: None Set
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John C. Hahn
Debtor's Attorney
1248 O Street, Suite 800
Lincoln, NE 68508
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 4:17-bk-40593
Case Title: Hartmann Hay Co., LLC
Court: Nebraska Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 12
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Sale of vehicles and equipment, described as below:

1980 JD 4440 quad; 2014 JD 5085 tractor w/ loader; 2001 JD8420T tractor; Farmall C tractor w/6' belly mower; 2009 Hieneker head trailer; Bale spear - 3 pt. JD 930 flex head platform; Baasch double bale movers (2); Hayrack 18'flat4-wheel; Ford 300 power unit; 8" irrigation pipe 1,425'; Irrigation pipe trailer (2); Pipe & fittings - Boelus ground; Booster pump; 25'wind breaks (4); Baasch permanent panels (15); 2006 Honda Rancher 4-wheeler; Four wheeler trailer 5*x 8'; Chevy pickup box trailerl Small pull type trailerl JD Diskovator 24'; JD 724 field cultivator; ADS seed tender; Krause 15' disc; Orthman 6 row hiller; Krause 12' chisel; 1HC 170 6 row go-dig; Rhino 15' shredder; 1999 JD 455 25'grain drill; Krause disc chisel (1/4 interest); DMI2800 fertilizer machine; Jacobsen 4' grass seeder; Feteral 60'x8" auger; Hutchinsen 35'x6" auger; Rhino T blade; Stroble 12' scraper (1/2 interest); 14 9' Rhino blade'; 2010 Westfield auger 10" x 61*; Grain bin utility auger; IH 2-1/2 T grinder mixer; Cement mixer; Bulk bins (2); Rhino hydraulic post hole digger; Miller portable welder; Fuel tanks; ; 993 Peterbilt truck; 1996 Freightliner truck 1983 Ford 8000 truck; 2000 Ford F250 truck; 1983 50'Transcraft flat bed trailer; 1982 Triggs-Miner 16' stock trailer; 1995 Reinke 45' tank trailer; 2016 Timpte grain trailer 42'; Monan 53' van trailer.

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