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Claims and Business Interest for Sale

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Claims and Business Interest for Sale

Price: $35,000.00

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Item #: caebke_600818
Created: 07/25/2020
Category: Business Property > Investments > Partnership interests/ LLC/LLP
Sale Date: Wed. Aug 12, 2020
Seller Info
Daniel L. Egan
Trustee's Attorney
400 Capitol Mall 22nd Fl
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-2430
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 1:17-bk-12389
Case Title: Don Rose Oil Co., Inc.
Court: California Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 7
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Sale of Claims and Business Interest, and more described as below:

  • All Seller’s Membership interest in DRO Barite, LLC; and
  • Certain litigation rights against cross-defendants in Kodiak Mining & Minerals IT LLC et. al. v. Don Rose Oil Co., Inc. et. al., Adversary Proceeding No. 17-01086.

Additional Details

Sale Hearing Time: 9:00 a.m.

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Terms and Conditions:

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