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Assets of Fire Protection Services Business

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Assets of Fire Protection Services Business

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Item #: hibke_91066
Created: 01/18/2019
Category: Business Property > Equipment > Other
Sale Date: None Set
Seller Info
Susan Tius
Trustee's Attorney
737 Bishop Street, Suite 2400
Honolulu, HI 96813-3862
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 1:18-bk-01360
Case Title: Ekahi Fire Protection, LLC
Court: Hawaii Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 7
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Sale of assets of Ekahi Fire Protection, LLC, described as below:

9 big and small file cabinets; 4 office desktop computers; 6 desks; 3 office chairs; 1 conference table; 1 sofa; 1 small office AIC; telephone system and phones; Samsung cellular phone; 1998 Ford pick-truck; 2001 Dodge utility truck; 2002 Chevrolet utility truck; 2003 Chevrolet utility truck; 2006 Ford pick-up truck; 2016 Nissan Frontier pick-up truck; 1 Trailer; Pipes; 2 Landis threaders; 1 fitting makeup; 1 Victualic roll groover; 2 Miller stick welders; 1 Lincoln whirlybird; 1 forklift; 1 portable air compressor; 1 portable generator; 3 chop saws; 2 T-drills; 1 portable hole drill; 2 portable hydraullic forll groover; 1 sprinkler vacuum; 9 ladders; 1 pipe storage rack; 6 gang tool boxes; 1 fabrication table; 7 shelving racks; 3 big fans; 1 portable cut groover; 1 pneumatic air pipe cutter; 2 Genie super lift hand crank; 1 weliding table; 1 Milwaukee whole hog; 1 1.5 hp 2 gallon compressor; 2 rigid 320 E propress gun; 3 portable band saws; 2 hand grooves; 1 Milwaukee angle drill; 1 TE 17 hammer drill; 1 Robbie electric sawzaw; 1 Dewalt batter hammer drill; 1 Hilti battery hammer drill; Hilti coring bits; 6 T-drill swedgers; 2 portable A/Cs; 1 rigid portable pipe cutter; 1 Milwaukee battery impact drill; Pipes; miscellaneous pipe valves, sprinkler heads and pipe fittings; Any other property owned by seller which is identified by the Trustee as being appropriate to include in the proposed sale.

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