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Solid Waste Processing Facility in Missouri

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Solid Waste Processing Facility in Missouri

Price: $4,623,800.00

Other Item Info
Item #: mowbke_357283
Created: 09/23/2020
Category: Business Property > All Assets or Going Concerns > General Industrials
Sale Date: None Set
Seller Info
Robert Baran
Debtor's Attorney
1316 Saint Louis Ave. Ste 2nd Floor
Kansas City, MO 64101
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 4:20-bk-40050
Case Title: Jim's Disposal Service, LLC
Court: Missouri Western Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 11
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Sale of assets of Jim's Disposal Service, LLC, includes:

  1. Real Property and Improvements. That certain real property owned by Sellers located 17200 Industrial Drive, in the Village of River Bend, Missouri 64058, which real property is more particularly described on Schedule 1(a)(i) attached to this Agreement and incorporated herein by this reference, together with all buildings, structures, improvements and fixtures located thereon, and all easements, rights of way, and other rights and interests appurtenant thereto (collectively, the Real Property ).
  2. Leasehold Improvements. The improvements, and appurtenances to such improvements, located on the Real Property, including, without limitation, buildings, outside storage areas, driveways, walkways and parking areas, but in all events only to the extent of interest in the same (collectively, the Leasehold Improvements ).
  3. Permit. The 21-year Solid Waste Processing Facility Operating Permit issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resource to operate the Transfer Station, a copy of which is attached hereto on Schedule 1(a)(iii) and incorporated herein by this reference Permit .
  4. Trucks, Equipment and Personal Property. All of those items of machinery, equipment, vehicles, and other tangible personal property listed on Schedule 1(a)(iv) attached to this Agreement and incorporated herein by this reference (collectively, the Trucks and Equipment ).

Additional Details

Minimum bid: at least $100,000 greater than the Starting Auction Bid

Bid increment: $50,000.00

Bid deposit: at least 5% of the purchase price

Last date to respond: 7 days before the sale hearing

Other Information

Terms and Conditions:

See Attached.

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