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Assets of Health & Beauty Care Products Manufacturing Business

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Assets of Health & Beauty Care Products Manufacturing Business

Price: $1,245,000.00

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Item #: ncmbke_208929
Created: 01/04/2019
Category: Business Property > All Assets or Going Concerns > Health Care Equipment & Services
Sale Date: None Set
Seller Info
C. Edwin Allman
P. O. Drawer 5129
Winston-Salem, NC 27113
(336) 722-2300
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 6:18-bk-50946
Case Title: Product Quest Manufacturing, LLC
Court: North Carolina Middle Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 7
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Sale of assets of EI LLC, including all of Seller's right, title and interest in and to the following assets:

  • Abbreviated New Drug Application 078176 Theroxidil (Minoxidil 2%);
  • Abbreviated New Drug Application 076239 Theroxidil (Minoxidil 5%);
  • Any identified reserve samples (i.e., "retains") relating to the foregoing;
  • The Seller's Records consisting of stability data, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) documentation, internal audit reports, master production records, batch records, stability protocols and reports, deviation investigations, process validations, method validations, change controls, standard operating procedures, correspondence with any federal, state, local or foreign governmental authority and any documentation subject to inspection by the FDA or other governmental authority, in each case, (x) solely to the extent relating to the methods to be used in, and the controls to be used for, the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of the items described in Sections 2.1(a) and 2.1(b) above as required under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as to the identity, strength, quality and purity characteristics to such items and (y) solely to die extent such Records remain subject to the provisions of Section 9.3;
  • Bulk Women's Minoxidil 2% Finished Goods (PQM-WMXD2-BK) described in Exhibit A on the attached PDF.
  • Packaging Dropper 20/410 White 1ml Medicine Dropped w/CRC Closure White (P799811) and Packaging Inserts (PQM-WM1N2-10) described in Exhibit A on the attached PDF.

Additional Details

  1. The Trustee recommends that a higher bid must include an amount equal to the Expense Reimbursement (which may be estimated), the Break-up Fee of $49,800.00, and the Initial Overbid amount of $25,000 (the "Total Enhanced Bid").
  2. Bid Deposit: 20% of the Total Enhanced Bid
  3. Bid Deadline: 2 days prior to the sale hearing

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Terms and Conditions:

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