Work from home

UBS CEO says it’s hard to sustain culture working at home


Sergio Ermotti joined JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon in expressing concern about the long-term consequences of remote work.


NCUA awards credit unions $3.7M in grants and loans for pandemic relief


More than 160 institutions will use the money to help members weather the coronavirus by offering new products and providing help with loan payments.


Jamie Dimon sees long-term damage if people don’t get back to work


JPMorgan Chase's CEO says he fears productivity is slipping and that workers, particularly younger ones, are feeling alienated.


‘We’re all the same size rectangle on the Zoom screen’


Vanessa Colella, innovation chief at Citi, says remote working has had a democratizing effect. She also touches on the types of technology Citi has been incubating, the startups it’s investing in and her efforts at fostering a culture of generosity.


Core conversions go virtual amid pandemic


Switching core banking systems has long been done face to face, but the coronavirus has driven the process into the digital arena. The change could be permanent.


Digital divide creating remote-work hurdles for banks, credit unions


The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the issue of millions of Americans lacking access to high-speed internet at their homes. Financial services firms haven't been spared from this challenge.


Financial services industry struggles to emerge from lockdown


Our third monthly survey found almost six out of 10 employers report that their plans for the return to work are stymied by uncertainty — specifically, a lack of clarity on the right timing, and persistent questions about how to provide a safe environment for their employees.


Citi pulls back on plans for office return in 13 states


The bank is rethinking its plans for bringing back worker in Texas, Florida and other states where new coronavirus cases are surging.


House passes PPP revisions; on Otting's day of departure, a CRA reflection


The bill, which now goes to the Senate, would give small businesses greater flexibility in how they use the funds; not everyone's on board with Otting's signature achievement.


Fannie, Freddie capital goals raised; credit card, auto loans eroding


The FHFA says the two government-sponsored enterprises need at least $240 billion of capital before they can go private; Transunion says more than 3% of consumer loans it tracks are in financial hardship.