Work from home

Citi pulls back on plans for office return in 13 states


The bank is rethinking its plans for bringing back worker in Texas, Florida and other states where new coronavirus cases are surging.


House passes PPP revisions; on Otting's day of departure, a CRA reflection


The bill, which now goes to the Senate, would give small businesses greater flexibility in how they use the funds; not everyone's on board with Otting's signature achievement.


Fannie, Freddie capital goals raised; credit card, auto loans eroding


The FHFA says the two government-sponsored enterprises need at least $240 billion of capital before they can go private; Transunion says more than 3% of consumer loans it tracks are in financial hardship.


Fed reprimands Deutsche Bank; Senate Democrats want PPP answers


The German bank’s money laundering controls are still not up to snuff, among other problems; three Democrats say banks may have shortchanged small-business borrowers.


Banks' back-to-the-office playbook


Financial institutions are looking for a way to return some employees to their workplaces while prioritizing safety. The answer may involve contact tracing technology and the automation of a wide range of activities.


Is the coronavirus giving banks an excuse to spy on employees?


Financial institutions have been monitoring workers' productivity at home with tracking software and webcams. Now they're mulling whether to mandate contact-tracing apps, COVID-19 testing and other practices that could raise further privacy issues.


Big banks try to figure out logistics of 'back to work'


Inside Citigroup's headquarters in Manhattan, executives are trying to solve a problem bedeviling much of Wall Street: How to get employees up elevators.


Banks grow wary of Zoom meetings


The popular videoconferencing service has been beset by security issues, and some banks have banned employees from using it. Are they overreacting?


Morgan Stanley CEO sees much less of a physical footprint in its future


"We've proven we can operate with no footprint," James Gorman, Morgan's CEO, said. "Can I see a future where part of every week, certainly part of every month, a lot of our employees will be at home? Absolutely."


How TD got a head start on coronavirus preparations


Reports from the Singapore office, a coronavirus war room and a hardworking IT staff all helped TD Bank Group get nearly all employees ready to work from home and able to handle a tripling of remote deposit capture activity.