Payments innovation can be disruptive, but not yet


New entrants don’t pose a disruptive threat to the incumbent cohort of issuers, credit card networks and acquirers primarily because the incumbents — Visa, Mastercard and First Data — are prepared to compete in all segments of the market.


Scharf pick says everything about BNY Mellon's tech-oriented future


Why choose a former Visa chief to run a custody bank? Because to survive long term, Bank of New York Mellon will have to look more and more like a payments company.


Why Cordray needs to go; a rift in bitcoin land


The Wall Street Journal enumerates the reasons why President Trump needs to fire the CFPB director; the bitcoin market is sharply divided over whether it’s a currency or a store of value.


Hope for banks as Justice Department punts on swipe fee case


The Trump administration is stepping away from the government’s 7-year legal fight with Amex that centers on retailers’ right to encourage the use of particular cards. The decision is good news for issuers of credit and debit cards, though it is hardly the last word on the case.


U.S. Bank enables mobile payments for Visa corporate cards


U.S Bank’s commercial Visa card customers can now use their smartphones to make corporate payments via Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay.


Visa sees sharp benefits from India's cash crisis


India's sudden shakeup of its currency system last fall was an early holiday for digital payment companies, and Visa was no exception.