How fintech mentorships have adapted during the pandemic


The days of meeting with mentors and pitching investors in person are at least temporarily over, but fintech incubators, accelerators and boot camps are finding creative ways to replicate these valuable experiences online.


What happens if Mastercard and Visa gobble up all the data aggregators?


Thanks to their close relationship with the card networks, banks stand to benefit most from deals like Mastercard’s agreement to buy Finicity and Visa’s pending purchase of Plaid. The prospects for fintechs and consumers are dicier.


WSFS to report 2Q gain from selling Visa stock


The Delaware company said it received $22 million in net proceeds after selling 360,000 class B shares.


Mom-and-pop shops left holding bag in consumer card disputes


Payments processors are keeping a portion of payments as a reserve against potential disputes between cardholders and merchants. Small-business owners say the practice is eating into their profits.


New challenger bank caters to freelancers, gig workers


Oxygen helps customers obtain business licenses and separate their personal and business lives. Its says its services will be in demand as the pandemic accelerates a shift away from traditional jobs.


Fed expands Main Street Lending Program; ECB unveils low-rate loans


More companies will be eligible to apply for the four-year loans, including those with high debt loads; four-year loans will be offered to European banks with rates as low as minus 1% as the eurozone economy tanks.


Pressure grows on Barclays CEO; JPM tightens rules on working with fintechs


For the second time in four years regulators are investigating Jes Staley; fintechs have until July 30 to sign agreements on how they access customer data.


Visa planning biggest changes to swipe fees in a decade


Higher rates are looming for transactions on e-commerce sites, while merchants in certain services categories, such as real estate and education, will see fees decline, according to a document Visa sent to banks.


Fed votes to ease Volcker restriction; Truist reports a setback


Banks would be allowed to own stakes in venture capital funds; the combined BB&T-SunTrust isn’t realizing cost savings as fast as it projected.


Fed, OCC to propose easing Volcker rule; Visa's fintech interest


The regulators plan to drop the 3% limit on bank investments in venture capital funds; Visa invests in another fintech startup.