Pressure grows on Barclays CEO; JPM tightens rules on working with fintechs


For the second time in four years regulators are investigating Jes Staley; fintechs have until July 30 to sign agreements on how they access customer data.


Visa planning biggest changes to swipe fees in a decade


Higher rates are looming for transactions on e-commerce sites, while merchants in certain services categories, such as real estate and education, will see fees decline, according to a document Visa sent to banks.


Fed votes to ease Volcker restriction; Truist reports a setback


Banks would be allowed to own stakes in venture capital funds; the combined BB&T-SunTrust isn’t realizing cost savings as fast as it projected.


Fed, OCC to propose easing Volcker rule; Visa's fintech interest


The regulators plan to drop the 3% limit on bank investments in venture capital funds; Visa invests in another fintech startup.


New York City moves to ban cashless stores


The city would join San Francisco and Philadelphia among cities that prohibit stores and restaurants from only accepting electronic payments.


Truist's logo, Wells vs. USAA redux, Visa's Plaid pickup: Top stories of the week


Truist emphasizes high-touch, high-tech focus with new logo; Wells Fargo loses another patent lawsuit to USAA; what the Visa-Plaid merger means for banks, fintechs; and more from this week's most-read stories.


What the Visa-Plaid merger means for banks, fintechs


Visa's deal to acquire the data aggregator Plaid is likely to have ripple effects throughout the industry, including less fintech-tech tension over sharing data.


Visa’s Plaid deal shows you can teach an old dog new tricks


The acquisition will vastly expand Visa's platform, giving it nearly Amazon-like influence.


JPM’s boffo earnings; N.Y. Fed says cyberattack could be ‘devastating’


Bank beats estimates as earning soar 21%; a cyberattack on the American banking system could create havoc on financial stability.


Visa's $5 billion Plaid deal takes a possible rival off the table


In the battle to control consumer data, Visa has made a major score by agreeing to acquire Plaid, a technology company that it could have seen grow into a competitor.