Venture funding

SEC report may put an end to ICO boom


The federal agency's investigative report concludes that crowdsales of blockchain tokens known as initial coin offerings may need to comply with securities laws.


Microinvesting app Stash raises $40M


The app allows users, many of them first-time investors, to get started for as little as $5.


What Santander’s latest bets say about the future of fintech


The Spanish bank's VC arm added two companies focused on artificial intelligence to its portfolio this week. Both firms promise to help banks connect better with customers.


PayPal makes investment in a Silicon Valley lender focused on subprime consumers


LendUp is seeking to differentiate itself from competitors by making fast loan decisions and designing its customer experience around the mobile phone.


Savings app maker Long Game raises $4M


Long Game uses behavioral economics and the mass popularity of lottery games to redirect lottery spending toward savings.


Citi's Suni Harford joins UBS; the female entrepreneur penalty


Suni Harford is off to UBS, Nina Fanlo is leaving SoFi, and Shaza Andersen is selling the bank she founded. Also, you should hear how venture capitalists talk about female entrepreneurs.


Citi joins big-bank brethren in backing blockchain firm Axoni


The roughly $2 million investment comes as banks keep joining (and in some cases, leaving) various distributed-ledger projects as they try to pick the winners in a young field.


Why there's a gold rush for bank tech in Europe


Sweeping new data-sharing rules require a substantial IT revamp at large financial institutions.


Why this venture capitalist wants to make traditional VC obsolete


Blockchain Capital wants to raise $10 million by issuing its own digital token, a method the firm says is the future for startups, VCs and everybody else.


Blockchain VC to raise fund through digital token offering


The ICO fundraising model has already yielded more than $230 million for startups.