Venture funding

Fintech venture capitalists to banks: Stay out of our lane


Leading investors say too many traditional financial institutions, out of their depth in fintech investment, end up placing controls that slow down otherwise nimble young companies.


EBay founder's new venture fund seeks fintechs with social conscience


Flourish, a fund backed by Pierre and Pam Omidyar, invests in startups that address social and financial inequities yet (key caveat) are still promising moneymakers, a top official of the fund explains.


Wells Fargo, PayPal back effort to fund female fintech entrepreneurs


Female startup founders consistently receive far less venture capital money than male founders, but a program by Quesnay is looking to change that.


Mick Mulvaney was ‘a disaster' as CFPB chief: Raj Date


The former deputy director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shares his thoughts on the bureau's evolution, payday lending, and fintech regulation.


Small-business fintech Nav raises $45 million


The Salt Lake City company, which connects small-business owners with lenders like JPMorgan and BofA, plans to use the funds to expand its partnerships and customer base.


Why venture capitalists love fintechs


Venture capital-backed fintech funding surged 120% in 2018. Following is a summary of fintech milestones and potential future moves for the industry.


Why startup Finxact just got $30M from the ABA, SunTrust, others


The core-banking vendor won the investment and ringing endorsements from the trade group and several banks because its open system and cloud delivery could eventually challenge entrenched tech players.


Startups take on stress-testing tech


Fintechs are developing data-crunching, automated products that seek to help banks precisely calibrate capital levels. The banks' goal is to pass stress tests while maximizing returns to investors.


Fintech funding reaches new high


Efforts to build better connections to bank customer data, trade digital currency and explore artificial intelligence for security and compliance purposes were some of the biggest draws of fundraising for U.S. startups.


How blockchain, smart contracts could upstage banks


Its early days yet, but decentralized apps will democratize finance, says Andrew Keys, cofounder of ConsenSys Capital, the financial services arm of ConsenSys.