Vendor management

The partners that can help Fed speed launch of real-time payments


The central bank must engage core processors, community banks and The Clearing House if it wants to move quickly on building out its FedNow system.


The questions credit unions must ask when choosing technology vendors


Institutions considering new technologies must ask themselves what they're looking for not just from a product but from a partner.


Colo. 'true lender' settlement is path forward for bank-fintech partnerships


The agreement between Colorado authorities, marketplace lenders and banks offers a way to structure partnerships without triggering the wrath of state regulators.


The risks and rewards of partnering with Amazon


Banks can capitalize on Amazon’s ambitions by teaming up to launch financial products and services aimed at coveted customer segments. But they should beware the legal and regulatory pitfalls.


Check your toolbox before chasing new (and expensive) modeling systems


Many banks buy modeling tools from vendors to help detect new areas of risk, fraud and profitability without realizing their existing systems are capable of doing the same.


Are banks prepared for employees to work off-site indefinitely?


Many will need to ramp up security protocols and reconsider which services require a high-tech versus human touch.


FDIC floats certification program for fintechs working with banks


The agency's request for information seeks comment on the idea of the FDIC partnering with a standards-setting organization to develop best practices for technology firms, among other things.


Banks and fintechs need each other more than ever


The coronavirus pandemic has exposed weaknesses even at well-established fintechs. They could become more resilient by partnering with traditional financial institutions.


What ransomware attacks on vendors mean for banks


Cybercriminals have targeted at least four financial services technology companies in recent months, potentially giving hackers back-door access to clients. Here’s how banks can guard against that.


Bisignano’s priorities as Fiserv CEO: Bond with banks, invest in tech


Incoming chief Frank Bisignano downplays any pressure to find $1.2 billion in cost cuts promised to shareholders from the acquisition of First Data. Instead he emphasized his track record of producing revenue growth and pledged to keep funding innovation projects.