JPMorgan plans retail bank expansion abroad with U.K. foray


The bank will start with a mobile checking account for U.K. customers this year, followed by a full slate of products that could include credit cards, mortgages and car loans.


Mastercard suffers legal setback in European interchange battle


The U.K. Supreme Court has rejected Mastercard’s attempt to force individual lawsuits over claims the card brand overcharged consumers and negatively impacted competition for more than a decade.


Banks are ditching London offices and not just because of COVID-19


With thousands of job cuts likely to follow what's forecast to be the worst recession in three centuries, the tenants of the glass and steel towers that dominate the City of London and Canary Wharf may face an even bigger retreat.


British lenders brace for negative rates floated by central bank


British banks are confronting the European import of sub-zero interest rates that could damage profits already weakened by the coronavirus pandemic as the Brexit divorce rumbles toward its rocky end.