Digital fraud focuses on younger consumers


The abrupt shutdown of retail a year ago led to a rise of digital shopping — and fraud. And the most tech-savvy consumers may be the most vulnerable, according to TransUnion data.



Twitter veteran launches credit score that digs deep into cash flow


Harvest, a fintech founded by Nami Baral, has developed an alternative scoring method that amasses data on spending patterns, debt payments and even earnings potential to get a better sense of consumers' creditworthiness.


Industry bristles at Biden proposal for public credit reporting agency


Banking and credit reporting groups say such an agency could politicize the reporting process. Consumer groups say it would offer consumers a necessary alternative.


Coronavirus still a threat to credit scores despite congressional relief


The rescue bill enabled banks to protect loans in forbearance from an immediate hit to a borrower’s credit report, but experts say affected consumers may have trouble getting loans after the pandemic ends.


Coronavirus hitting millennials' finances the hardest: TransUnion


Nearly 70% of U.S. adults between the ages of 26 and 40 said their earnings had been negatively affected by the outbreak, about 10 percentage points higher than other age group.


Dems' bid to pause negative credit reporting gets pushback from industry


Congressional Democrats want forceful action to prevent damage to millions of Americans' credit scores during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the credit bureaus argue that the tools needed to protect consumers are already in place.


Credit reporting bill passes House but faces long odds in Senate


No Republicans voted for the package of bills intended to overhaul the credit reporting system, casting doubt on its chances in the GOP-controlled Senate.