How to Protect Yourself from Vehicle Repossession In Case of Coronavirus Layoff


If you have lost your job due to the coronavirus crisis, you are likely in survival mode. Your immediate goal should be to “shelter in place” to protect your health and that of your family. Beyond that, whatever funds you have need to be allocated to food and shelter.

But what about transportation? Is your vehicle at risk of repossession even in a time of national emergency? What steps can you take to protect your car or truck?


What Can You Do if Your Lawyer Failed to Ask for a Reaffirmation Agreement from Your Mortgage Company?


Recently I received an email from a woman who filed bankruptcy several years ago and who recently discovered that her lawyer had not requested or filed a reaffirmation agreement. She has been current on her mortgage before, during and after her bankruptcy but because there was no reaffirmation agreement filed, the mortgage lender is not reporting her on-time payments to the credit bureaus.


How do You Protect Yourself Financially During the Coronavirus Pandemic?


How can you best protect yourself when the national and local economies are rocked by unexpected disruptions?

Almost overnight, the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has decimated dozens of industries – food service, hospitality, retail, transportation, education, government and any business that relies on face to face interaction.

While the government is promising some relief and some creditors are offering short term deferments, the likelihood is that business will not return to normal anytime soon and that we have entered into a “new normal.”


How Should You Deal With Creditors If You Lose Income Due to the Corona Virus?


How should you handle your creditors if you experience an unexpected drop in income, a layoff or loss of that part time job that was keeping you afloat?


Can You be Thrown in Jail for Not Paying Your Credit Card Debt?


“Can I be thrown in jail for not paying my credit card debt?” What about other unsecured debt like a broken apartment lease, a car repossession deficiency, medical bills or personal loans?


Do You Want to Give Money You Don’t Owe to a Credit Card Company?


This is not a trick question.

I received this letter today from American Express regarding the balance owed by one of my Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients whose case was dismissed.  The letter acknowledges that because of the age of the debt, Amex cannot sue my former client, nor can they report the unpaid balance to the credit bureaus.  Yet they are giving him the opportunity to “settle” this debt for 45% of the balance.


Can You File Bankruptcy if You Have Been the Victim of Identity Theft?


If you have been a victim of identity theft, you can file bankruptcy but you need to be prepared for potential complications.


How the Georgia “Wildcard” Exemption Can Save You Thousands When You File Bankruptcy

01/08/18 300w" sizes="(max-width: 424px) 100vw, 424px" />When you file either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are a


Why You Must Pay Your Mortgage Directly After Filing Chapter 13


If you are behind on your mortgage, you can use Chapter 13 to stop a pending foreclosure and repay missed payments over the 5 year term of your Chapter 13 plan. However, filing your Chapter 13 case is only the first step in saving your home.