Tennessee bank's sale a cautionary tale on out-of-market lending


Franklin Financial agreed to be sold less than a year after issues surfaced in its portfolio of shared national credits.


FB Financial to buy Franklin Financial in $611M deal


The proposed merger will create a $10 billion-asset bank based in Nashville, Tenn.


Security Bank in Tennessee to buy neighboring lender


The bank will top $500 million in assets after it acquires F&M Bancshares.


Tennessee banker faces difficult test after credit quality slips


Franklin Financial CEO J. Myers Jones is trying to reduce his company's exposure to shared national credits and health care loans, which have enjoyed solid yields but come with a downside.


Pinnacle hires Synovus exec to open first office in Atlanta


The Tennessee company said that Rob Garcia will be in charge of building a commercial banking team in the city.


Organizers plan de novo bank in Tennessee


Hamp Johnston, a former market executive at JPMorgan Chase, would serve as RockPoint Bank's president and CEO. The bank would be based in Chattanooga.


Will Iberiabank's no-premium deal touch off big-bank M&A wave?


The Louisiana company's willingness to combine with First Horizon without a big initial payday is fueling talk that other banks could be keen on selling at relatively inexpensive prices.


BB&T-SunTrust effect at play in First Horizon deal


First Horizon and Iberiabank solidified their resolve after BB&T and SunTrust announced their merger. Bryan Jordan, First Horizon's CEO, says he's convinced the earlier deal is having a similar influence at other regional banks.


First Horizon to buy Iberiabank in one of year's biggest bank mergers


The acquisition will create a Southeastern regional with $75 billion in assets across 11 states.


SmartFinancial returns to M&A with Progressive Savings purchase


The Tennessee company, which was outbid in an effort to buy a North Carolina bank earlier this year, will pay $41 million for a branch network in the middle part of its home state.