Proposed Tennessee de novo gets conditional regulatory approval


Organizers of Rockpoint Bank still need to raise $30 million before opening.


North Carolina investment group buying Tennessee bank


The acquirer had pursued a de novo strategy in its home state but was unable to raise enough capital.


Tennessee bankers start to assess tornado damage


Recovery from a massive storm that touched down near Nashville is in its early stages, but bankers are looking at fee waivers and increased access to cash for those who were affected.


Veteran banker forms company to buy two Tennessee community banks


Lineage Financial Network, led by former Franklin Financial CEO Richard Herrington, plans to acquire Sumner Bank and Citizens Bank.


CapStar to buy two banks in middle Tennessee


The company will acquire the parent company of First National Bank of Manchester and Bank of Waynesboro for $85 million.


'Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity': Why Tennessee bank covets Atlanta


Terry Turner at Pinnacle Financial says big banks in the city, including Truist Financial and Wells Fargo, are "vulnerable" to new competitors.


Tennessee bank's sale a cautionary tale on out-of-market lending


Franklin Financial agreed to be sold less than a year after issues surfaced in its portfolio of shared national credits.


FB Financial to buy Franklin Financial in $611M deal


The proposed merger will create a $10 billion-asset bank based in Nashville, Tenn.


Security Bank in Tennessee to buy neighboring lender


The bank will top $500 million in assets after it acquires F&M Bancshares.


Tennessee banker faces difficult test after credit quality slips


Franklin Financial CEO J. Myers Jones is trying to reduce his company's exposure to shared national credits and health care loans, which have enjoyed solid yields but come with a downside.