Tax reform

Cheat sheet: What tax reform would mean for lenders


Some in the housing industry expressed concern that the plan would double the standard deduction to $24,000 for married couples and $12,000 for individuals—a move that could dramatically lessen the impact of the mortgage interest write-off.


Reg reform crowded out by other priorities as clock winds down on Hill


The need to raise the U.S. debt limit, pass a budget, provide relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey and enact flood insurance and tax reform will dominate the remaining legislative calendar this fall.


Washington quagmire spurs more banks to consider selling


Post-election euphoria tamped down M&A talk as bankers were hopeful that reform would justify staying independent. But there are signs bankers are getting restless.


Lower taxes would be boon for banks. Except in affordable housing


The prospect of a lower corporate rate resulting from looming tax reform discussions may be a blessing for the industry, but it could be bittersweet for one particular group of bankers.


Citi’s ambition: Mobile-first banking for the affluent


The new Citigold program for affluent customers is more than a product — it is the centerpiece of Citigroup's vision for the future, which will also rely on branch closures and sophisticated apps.


What banks want (and don't want) from tax reform


Bankers are watching Congress for a handful of tax reform provisions that could have a big impact on their business.


Downside of tax cuts: Less profitable muni loans


Lower tax rates won’t be unqualified good news for banks, as a lower rate would reduce the savings that they get from making tax-exempt loans to cities, counties and other governmental agencies.


Don’t let tax reform pull plug on crucial housing programs


Bankers hope that new tax policy will respect the role of tax-assisted community development programs in encouraging business investment in distressed areas.


Tax cuts for banks (if they happen) may not go where you think


If Washington lowers taxes as much as banks and the rest of corporate America hope, it will yield a bonanza of earnings per share, new tech investments or investor dividends … right? Not exactly, bank leaders warn.