Tax reform

Warren won't let banks escape health care debate


If elected president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren would charge large banks a fee to help pay for her Medicare-for-all plan.


U.S. banks won $21 billion tax windfall then cut staff, lent less


Major U.S. banks shaved about $21 billion from their tax bills last year — almost double the IRS’s annual budget — as the industry benefited more than many others from the Republican tax overhaul.


'Can it be that these people take themselves seriously?': Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on calls that regulators consider the financial risks from climate change, respond to Trump administration plans to overhaul the housing finance system, consider GOP strategy on the House Financial Services Committee and more.


Banks set another record — and FDIC hits a milestone


Banks earned $62 billion in the third quarter thanks to tax reform and higher asset yields while the Deposit Insurance Fund crossed a statutory threshold.


ABA ads praise six lawmakers, tell voters to stay engaged on issues


Unlike previous spots produced by the group that just backed candidates, the latest ones reflect a somewhat different approach.


6 takeaways as FDIC reports another record earnings quarter


A huge chunk of the profit increase in the second quarter was due to a lower tax rate, but rising net interest margins and loan growth signal that institutions continue to derive revenue from their loan book.


Bank earnings ride tax reform wave to another record: FDIC


The industry’s profit was $60.2 billion, a more than 7% increase from the previous record set in the first quarter and a 25% leap from a year earlier, the agency said in its quarterly report on the industry's health.


7 reasons why consumers are tapping into their home equity


From medical expenses to home improvements, here's a look at some of the most frequently cited reasons homeowners are borrowing against their home equity.


Big banks should bring back U.S. jobs after tax cut: Brown


In letters to the six largest U.S. banks, the Ohio Democrat accused the banking sector of moving call center jobs overseas while reaping benefits from the recent tax cut law.


How other nations treat credit unions' tax status


Long considered a political third rail in the U.S., the movement's tax exemption is taking some heat. Here's a sampling of how other countries have handled this debate.