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House Dems: Fed should 'enact protections' instead of deregulating


Over a dozen progressive lawmakers urged the central bank to reverse its course and protect bank regulations enacted after the financial crisis.


6 takeaways from the Fed’s financial stability assessment


The central bank said that while financial markets' desire for higher yields raises the potential for losses, capital and liquidity safeguards temper any concerns about a looming crash.


The Fed’s Lael Brainard stands alone


As the central bank board proceeds with reforms easing the post-crisis regulatory regime, the Obama-appointed governor has not shied from opposing the agency’s course.


Rachel Bryant, Regions Bank | Most Powerful Women: Next


Rachel Bryant specializes in risk management, and she applies that framework not only to her job duties, but also to her career path.


With stress tests, less is more


The Fed is stepping up transparency around its process for testing bank resiliency in a hypothetical crisis, but additional improvements are needed.


Still stress testing, even when they don’t have to


The regulatory relief bill passed last year eliminated mandatory stress tests for dozens of regional and midsize banks, yet many banks continue running internal tests anyway. Here’s why.


Fed offers more details on stress test models


The central bank said the supplemental document “provides significantly more information on the stress test models that are used to project bank losses, compared to disclosures from past years.”


Fed chief hints Wells Fargo's regulatory issues are far from over


Speaking at a press conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the bank’s risk management failures have required a dramatic overhaul of its processes.


Banks battle fintechs over installment sales; Barclays deck cleared


Banks moving past traditional card lending to compete on POS; ; five board members plan to leave before the bank’s May meeting.


Fed curbs stress test requirement for most large banks


The central bank is limiting the use of its qualitative objection in this year’s stress tests, the agency announced Wednesday.