'What the heck do you think the CFPB was set up for?': Comments of the week


Readers consider Square's bid to become an industrial loan company, weigh the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s oversight of brokered deposits and debate reforms to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Case dismissed against Barclays trader; AML reports snare another bank


The decision shows how hard it is to prosecute an individual banker; reports say Nordea, the Nordic area’s largest bank, handled suspicious transactions.


'Can't trust these career regulators': Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on Democrats' call for more scrutiny of the BB&T-SunTrust merger, changes to the CFPB's payday lending rule, criticism of Square's ILC application and more.


BofA’s role in Bramson’s Barclays push; CFPB sees rise in elder fraud


Bank’s involvement and complex financing draw ire of Barclay shareholders; banks report financial deceit by those who know seniors.


JPMorgan's Dimon: Square innovated where we should have


The CEO of the nation's biggest bank gave the fintech props for revolutionizing payments and then building off its success to provide a whole range of services to small-business clients.


Community activists oppose Square's ILC bid


More than three dozen organizations are asking the FDIC to reject Square’s pending application to become an industrial loan company, according to a letter filed Tuesday.


Square's banking bid avoids backlash that doomed Walmart's


The vast majority of comment letters to the FDIC support the fintech’s banking venture, in stark contrast to the public outcry over the pre-crisis ILC bids by large retailers.


Bank regulators are getting serious about innovation


Despite complaints about the slow pace of change within government, policymakers, including agency heads, are increasingly focused on modernizing regulation, an important step forward for the industry.


Are fintechs better off taking the ILC route to banking?


The industrial loan company charter is getting more attention as doubts grow about a new federal license for fintechs.


Square's new debit card poses big threat to banks


Square's new card for business owners does something very bold with debit — and very troubling for banks.