Sociological Perspectives

Insurance Redlining and Transparency


Insurance nerds like to point out that insurance coverage is a pre-requisite to a wide range of activities, from starting a business to practicing medicine to driving a car.  In this sense, insurers often serve as gatekeepers to fundamental social privileges.  Nowhere is this more starkly illustrated than in the residential real estate context.  As one court succinctly put it: “No insurance, no loan; no loan, no house; lack of insurance thus makes housing unavailable.”  


The Morality of Strategic Default


Professor Curtis Bridgeman (FSU College of Law) has an article on The Morality of Jingle Mail:  Moral Myths About Strategic Default.  I have a fundamental philosophical disagreement with the article, but it's got a lot of very good, clear analysis of arguments about strategic default, including a very useful typology of argument.