Sociological Perspectives

How Consumers Use the CFPB's Complaint Function


I recently posted to SSRN my new article, Calling on the CFPB for Help: Telling Stories and Consumer Protection (Law & Contemporary Problems, forthcoming 2017).


The Financial Lives of Undocumented Immigrants


We know little about the financial lives and credit constraints of undocumented immigrants, partly because they are such a difficult to reach population. But Slips contributor Nathalie Martin gained access to this population in Albuquerque, New Mexico, interviewed 50 immigrants, and recently published a paper that provides an important glimpse into how this population handles money and finances.


Foohey on Black Churches in Bankruptcy


Credit Slips blogger Pamela Foohey has a new article on SSRN, "Lender Discrimination, Black Churches, and Bankruptcy." This paper builds on her previous work about churches in bankruptcy to dig into the demographics of which churches end up in bankruptcy court.


Who "Presides" over Chapter 13 Plan Confirmation Hearings?


Shutterstock_329900393Temple Law Review will soon publish a volume honoring Bil


Glass-Steagal: It's the Politics, Stupid!


It was like eight nights of Chanukkah in one for me watching the Democratic debate last night. There was a Glass-Steagal lovefest going on. But here's the thing:  no one seems to get why Glass-Steagal was important or the connection between Glass-Steagal and the financial crisis.