Senate Banking Committee

House bill would mandate congressional visits by big-bank CEOs


Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., has proposed requiring annual testimony by the heads of the U.S. "global systemically important" banks.


Dems demand CFPB investigation of Pa. loan forgiveness program


Nearly two dozen Senate Democrats say the CFPB should "immediately" open up an enforcement investigation into the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency’s loan forgiveness program for alleged mismanagement.


Shell-company bill drives wedge between banking, small business


Beneficial-ownership legislation is within the banking industry’s reach, but the prospect of new regulatory burdens for small businesses is forcing lawmakers to choose sides.


GOP senator tells Libra Association member to stay the course


As some of Facebook's partners pull out of the Libra cyrptocurrency project, Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., encouraged a company located in his state to remain involved.


Vaping deaths could slow pot banking momentum


The Senate Banking Committee chairman said he wants to revise legislation enabling banks to serve marijuana businesses to ensure it does not benefit vaping providers that have sparked safety concerns.


Federal government an exemplar in promoting women


The financial industry should take notes from regulators that have diverse leadership.


PayPal exit from Facebook project shows power of D.C.’s disapproval


The payments company’s departure from the association leading Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency plan is the clearest sign that skeptical policymakers are the plan's biggest obstacle.


Senate pot banking bill may add weapon to fight money launderers


As Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo works on legislation enabling banks to serve cannabis businesses, one area of focus is combating risks tied to “legacy cash” that has accumulated in the marijuana industry.


Impeachment fight derailing banking bills? Think again


Democrats’ investigation of President Trump has darkened the horizon for legislative activity in Washington, but prospects for a pair of bipartisan measures backed by the industry are surprisingly bright.


Senators formally introduce bipartisan AML reform bill


Though a draft has been circulating since this summer, eight senators on Thursday officially released a bill to require companies to disclose their true owners at incorporation.