Senate Banking Committee

Senate Democrats demand OCC's Otting testify on CRA


The lawmakers sent a letter to the comptroller of the currency requesting his appearance before the Senate Banking Committee after he was unable to attend a hearing last week.


Lawmakers give wildly divergent reviews of CRA plan


Regulators’ sweeping proposal to reform implementation of the Community Reinvestment Act has drawn strong opinions on both sides.


Maxine Waters to crash FDIC meeting on CRA revamp


In a rare move, the House Financial Services Committee chairwoman will lead a congressional delegation to a public FDIC board meeting as it considers releasing a proposal to rework the Community Reinvestment Act.


Is Congress spoiling for another fight over ILCs?


The Rakuten application has piqued interest in reviving legislation aimed at stopping commercial firms from owning banks. Yet Congress previously had the chance to enact such a measure and declined.


Warren, Brown object to CFPB plan to issue formal advisory opinions


The two Democratic senators said the bureau's policy could allow companies to circumvent consumer finance laws.


Democrats seek assurance regulators won't weaken CRA


A day after House Democrats urged the banking agencies to unite behind a joint plan to update the Community Reinvestment Act, Senate Democrats worried that an impending proposal from the OCC and FDIC will reduce access to credit.


Is it now or never for AML reform?


The 2020 elections and a potential new chair of the Senate Banking Committee in the next Congress could put a deadline on passage of a bill to ease a key anti-money-laundering requirement for banks.


Senate bill would require Fed to develop stress tests for climate risks


Five Democrats running for president support the legislation introduced Wednesday that would require the central bank to form an advisory group to analyze how climate change would affect the financial system.


GOP senator tries to block commercial firms from becoming banks


Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., has proposed a bill to bar companies such as Rakuten from using industrial loan companies to access the banking system.


House, Senate bills would cap all consumer loans at 36%


The Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act would extend Military Lending Act protections to all consumers.