Risk management

Business lines must own their third-party risk management


The message to banks is loud and clear: A vendor’s mistake is your mistake. You can outsource a function, but not the responsibility for mishaps.


How diversity is a boon to risk management


Narcissistic biases can lead us to favor those who look like us or have similar backgrounds or other common bonds. This inevitably affects the quality of hiring and risk management decisions.


JPMorgan Chase is biased against dads, ACLU suit says


The American Civil Liberties Union is accusing JPMorgan Chase of violating the Civil Rights Act by discriminating against fathers when they ask for parental leave.


Risks in uninsured Canadian mortgages on rise, may stem from reforms


Not only is the uninsured sector growing, but the Bank of Canada is seeing some riskier mortgages within that area as it studies recent disruptions in the market.


How to catch the 'rogues' threatening your institution


Some of the biggest risks facing any large bank come from within, such as human error or mischievous traders. Risk management consultant and author Andrew Waxman discusses how cognitive psychology and augmented intelligence offer help.


FIS expensed strip clubs, padded timesheets during Ocwen audit, lawsuit claims


Auditors performing a review of Ocwen Financial padded timesheets and claimed excessive and improper expenses, including lengthy travel and meals at strip clubs and casinos, according to a lawsuit filed against Fidelity Information Services.


A good bank CEO is confident, but not too confident


In a world where confidence is rewarded more than indecision, businesses risk elevating confident leaders who overestimate their abilities. In banking, that can have harmful effects.


Why banks should take notice of retailers’ problems


This is a good time for bank risk managers and bank regulatory examiners to evaluate the effects of a deepening retail crisis on the financial services sector.


Personal loans get paid before other consumer credits, study finds


As financial institutions look closer at the increasingly detailed consumer credit data available, they are learning consumers are more apt to pay off personal loans before mortgages, auto loans and credit cards.


Small banks warm up to marketplace lending for SBA expansion


Five Star Bancorp in California is the latest bank to work with a marketplace lender on referrals. The move comes as the SBA programs have record volumes while concerns linger about banks working with third parties.