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10 years after resurrection, BankUnited eyes Atlanta, servicing exit


The moves are part of a plan CEO Rajinder Singh discussed in a conversation with American Banker.


Multifamily lenders balk at N.Y.’s proposed tenant-friendly reforms


Housing advocates and Democratic lawmakers want to create more protections for tenants of rent-controlled apartments, but they are facing stiff opposition from property owners and the banks that lend to them.


Pathfinder in New York raises $21 million


The company said it could use proceeds from selling common and preferred stock to increase lending and add branches.


What ruling on noncompete clauses means for banks — and job hunters


It just got harder for banks in Georgia to enforce noncompete agreements in employee contracts. For employees of two merging banks, BB&T and SunTrust, the timing couldn’t be better.


New York launches its own 'mini CFPB'


The Department of Financial Services has created a statewide financial protection division focused on corporate compliance and consumer issues, in line with steps taken by New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


New York officials still reaping millions from predatory lenders


The good times continue to roll for two New York City marshals whose work collecting debts for predatory lenders is making them millionaires.


Lian Duan, China Merchants Bank | Most Powerful Women: Next


"If you gathered the U.S.-based senior counsels of the major Chinese banks operating in the United States," said Joseph Loffredo, assistant general manager and chief financial officer at the New York branch of China Merchants Bank, "you'd find one outlier, a lady about half the age of most of the others."


BankUnited in Fla. announces plan to boost annual profit by $60M


The company, which is planning to revamp its organizational structure, has seen a sharp increase in funding costs over the past year.


Deposit costs weigh on Signature Bank


CEO Joseph DePaolo lamented the tough funding environment after the New York bank said deposit costs jumped 90% in the first quarter. Signature was the second bank Wednesday to report a drag on profits from funding costs.


ConnectOne makes bold digital play with deal for online loan exchange


The New Jersey company agreed to buy BoeFly, which connects franchisors, small businesses, lenders and loan brokers.