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As California mulls rules for payday loan alternative, rifts emerge


Companies that offer early access to earned wages want a regulatory framework for their fast-growing industry. But the bill under consideration in Sacramento is exposing big divisions in the sector.


New York moves to ban confessions of judgment for out-of-state loans


New York lawmakers took steps to prevent predatory lenders from using the state's court system to seize the assets of small businesses nationwide.


New York de novo debuts after raising $131 million


Grasshopper Bancorp will target the innovation economy in New York City and other markets across the country.


PDL Community in New York to buy mortgage lender


The parent of Ponce Bank has agreed to acquire Mortgage World Bankers.


In mortgages, these banks zigged while many others zagged


While regulation and nonbank competition are spooking some banks, others believe low funding costs and the right relationships can help them succeed.


In New York, growing support for a public bank


Undeterred by setbacks in other cities, a broad coalition of community groups is seizing on popular mistrust of traditional banks to press the case for a city-owned bank.


10 years after resurrection, BankUnited eyes Atlanta, servicing exit


The moves are part of a plan CEO Rajinder Singh discussed in a conversation with American Banker.


Multifamily lenders balk at N.Y.’s proposed tenant-friendly reforms


Housing advocates and Democratic lawmakers want to create more protections for tenants of rent-controlled apartments, but they are facing stiff opposition from property owners and the banks that lend to them.


Pathfinder in New York raises $21 million


The company said it could use proceeds from selling common and preferred stock to increase lending and add branches.


What ruling on noncompete clauses means for banks — and job hunters


It just got harder for banks in Georgia to enforce noncompete agreements in employee contracts. For employees of two merging banks, BB&T and SunTrust, the timing couldn’t be better.