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Signature Bank may seek buyer for taxi loan book


Amid a sharp rise in delinquencies, Signature may try to sell all or parts its $603 million taxi medallion loan portfolio.


Struggling Indian-American bank finds a buyer


BCB Bancorp will pay $20 million for Indus American Bank, a New Jersey institution that focuses on the South Asian-American business community. Indus American lost a total of $2.5 million in 2015 and 2016.


So you want to bank a rock’n’roll star ...


Lending and managing money for recording artists and labels can be a profitable niche. But volatile income streams, intellectual property challenges and business model upheaval can trip up the inexperienced.


IPO to boost lending capacity at Esquire Financial


The New York company, which plans to raise about $40 million by going public, could also use the funds to make acquisitions.


NYC mayor wants city to halt doing business with Wells Fargo


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Comptroller Scott Stringer are pushing to prevent the city from hiring Wells Fargo to lead bond sales or handle other banking business until it improves its track record of lending in poor communities.


A New York bank turns to Plan B to raise capital


Financial Institutions in Warsaw, N.Y., has replaced earlier plans for a typical stock sale with an at-the-market program.


Sterling: New CRA score should quell concerns on Astoria deal


The OCC recently gave Sterling a 'satisfactory' rating and said the New York bank had addressed some concerns by the Fed that had leaked to the public and raised questions about its pending M&A deal.


The slow remaking of the taxi-medallion loan market


Amid all the bad news this year among taxi-medallion lenders, banks are trying to renegotiate loan terms behind the scenes, and regulatory changes could prop up collateral values and the competitiveness of taxis.


Close loopholes for online lenders, N.Y. regulator urges Albany


Online lenders are evading New York regulations by claiming their loans are “made” by federally chartered or out-of-state partner banks, Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo told lawmakers Monday.


Stock offering nixed; N.Y. bank cites market turbulence


Financial Institutions in western New York withdrew plans to raise $40 million.