Will rising mortgage rates force loosening of credit standards?


With mortgage rates and housing prices both expected to go up this spring, lenders are facing a decision on how they will adjust to the decline in refinancings and overall lending volumes.


Delinquency uptick a red herring in argument over FHA premium cuts?


Republican lawmakers are citing a recent report that delinquencies rose for loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration as a reason to delay a premium cut, but economists suggest the uptick is related to seasonal issues.


Hedge funds can't sue over investments in Fannie or Freddie


A federal appeals court upheld a ruling that barred hedge funds from suing to overturn the U.S. government’s 2012 decision to capture billions of dollars in the profits generated by the mortgage guarantors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac after their bailout.


Ocwen agrees to big penalties to resume business in California


The mortgage servicer will pay at least $25 million in cash and provide some $200 million in debt relief to borrowers to resolve a range of alleged violations. But Ocwen will also be allowed to resume acquiring servicing rights in the nation's largest state.


Freddie focusing on credit risk transfers as portfolio winds down


Freddie Mac is ramping up its use of credit risk transfers, completing $215 billion in single-family transfers last year, up to $600 billion since 2013.


Wintrust to buy assets, liabilities of Montana mortgage company


The deal with American Homestead Mortgage will allow Wintrust Mortgage to move into northern Montana.


Cash-out refis back in demand, raising credit concerns


The rise in home values is good news for homeowners looking to tap the equity in their homes to pay down debt or make big purchases, but some consumer groups fear it could lead to a new wave of loan defaults.


William Cooper, retail banking innovator, dies at 73


Cooper built TCF into a Midwestern powerhouse by targeting what he called the “Joe Lunch-Bucket crowd.”


Flagstar to buy correspondent lending platform from Stearns


The deal includes about 250 correspondent relationships accounting for more than $7 billion of annual agency and governmental residential mortgage loan production.


Explicit federal guarantee is key to ending GSE conservatorship


An explicit government guarantee of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is imperative to reform the secondary market, but it needs to be carefully circumscribed.