Deutsche, UBS plan revival; Landlord charged with fraud


Christian Sewing ready to make "tough cutbacks" while UBS may need a new strategy; SEC says Robert C. Morgan misled banks with fake loan papers.


PDL Community in New York to buy mortgage lender


The parent of Ponce Bank has agreed to acquire Mortgage World Bankers.


NCUA appraisal plan is far from risky


The credit union regulator’s proposal to raise the appraisal threshold for nonresidential real estate loans won’t harm the economy or consumers, contrary to critics’ claims.


Metro Bank shares post record gain as lender boosts capital


Vernon Hill's U.K. bank sold $479 million of new stock and issued fresh details about its turnaround efforts. Those included plans to cease its controversial practice of purchasing design and branding services from a business owned by Hill's wife.


A ‘crisis of confidence’ at Vernon Hill’s U.K. bank


As Metro Bank’s problems mount, calls for Hill’s ouster as chairman are getting louder.


What’s behind the rise in credit card delinquencies


It’s no coincidence that with more than half of consumers ages 20 to 29 now holding credit cards — up from 41% in 2012 — 90-day delinquency rates are at a seven-year high, according to the New York Fed.


Banks, credit unions find common ground in electronic notary push


New legislation in Iowa that allows banks and credit unions to use electronic notaries could help local lenders compete with online competitors.


Metro Bank shares plunge despite fundraising progress


The London bank, founded by American entrepreneur Vernon Hill, has lost three-fourths of its market value since British regulators found that some of Metro’s mortgages were given the wrong risk weighting.


BofA may go solo on payments processing; Trust banks’ slide


The bank may end its venture with First Data to work on its own; State Street and BNY Mellon's fee revenue from investor clients and stock prices are down.


Can FHA's promise of softer enforcement get lenders back on board?


The industry welcomed a proposed overhaul of how the government identifies False Claims Act violations, but some say it remains to be seen if the changes are enough to satisfy companies that had bolted.