Minimum capital requirements

Fed's Powell says revamp of capital, liquidity rules not under consideration


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that he does not think revamping capital or liquidity requirements is necessary despite recent volatility in the repurchase markets.


It's not enough to fix the de novo application process


Even with the FDIC actively encouraging groups to start banks, challenges like raising capital and low interest rates make it tough.


Fed plans meeting to finalize reg relief for midsize banks


The central bank will consider rules to create a tiered structure for supervising banks with over $100 billion of assets and to ease resolution plan requirements.


Fannie, Freddie will retain $45B in capital in first step toward privatization


The move to alter the government's preferred stock purchase agreements is the first major one under FHFA Director Mark Calabria's tenure to wind down the conservatorship of the government-sponsored enterprises.


FDIC tries to ease small banks' concerns with capital rule revamp


Regulators have redefined a simplified capital measure for community banks following criticism that their 2018 proposal did not go far enough.


FHFA's Calabria details next steps on GSE reform


The regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac suggested that a finalized capital framework for the two mortgage giants could be published by the end of the year.


Fed proposes capital requirements for insurance units


The Fed is seeking feedback on a "Building Block Approach" to risk-based capital standards for firms heavily engaged in insurance activities.


Fed has two options for improving 2018 capital proposal: Quarles


The top regulatory official at the central bank said it could deploy either one of two tools to revise the proposed stress capital buffer. The plan aims to streamline the stress test program.


Deutsche Bank’s CFO: ‘We are taking our responsibilities seriously'


The German bank responds to an op-ed that criticized its restructuring.


Warren makes play to put banking in 2020 spotlight


Warren’s plan unveiled Thursday would be the most significant rewrite of financial services rules since the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010.