Minimum capital requirements

Groups urge FHFA to extend comment period on GSE capital plan


In a letter to Director Mark Calabria, 17 organizations requested an additional 60 days to weigh in on the proposal meant to strengthen Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's balance sheets post-conservatorship.


Dodd-Frank has softened blow of pandemic, its authors say


Chris Dodd and Barney Frank said the legislation — nearing its 10th anniversary — put banks in position to be a stabilizing force during the coronavirus crisis.


Fannie, Freddie hire advisers to help raise capital; Deutsche leads the pack


Fannie Mae has chosen Morgan Stanley while Freddie Mac is going with JPMorgan Chase; the bank’s overhaul plan has helped make it the best performing big-bank stock so far this year.


Mortgage underwriting tightens as rates fall; HSBC mulls sale of U.S. unit


Despite record low mortgage rates, borrowers are having trouble getting loans from wary lenders; the underperforming American unit may be ditched in U.K. bank restructuring.


Will GSEs' record-high capital requirements scare investors away?


Some observers wonder if proposed regulatory targets for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will stoke concerns about low shareholder returns. But others suggest those fears are unfounded.


Trading desks carry big banks; mad rush for relief funds


Wall Street trading arms benefited from first-quarter volatility, but it may not be enough to salvage future earnings; “unprecedented volume” of customers logging into their online bank accounts creates system overload at many banks.


Bankers hope reg relief doesn’t end when coronavirus does


Measures that delay the Current Expected Credit Losses standard and reduce a community bank capital ratio are temporary, but the industry now sees an opening to argue that they should be permanent.


Billions idled at banks after regulators balk at following Fed


The OCC and FDIC are holding off on easing debt limits in response to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving billions of dollars locked up at banking subsidiaries that could be used for lending amid the deepening economic crisis.


Regulators expand capital relief for community banks


After Congress temporarily lowered the leverage ratio used by smaller institutions, the federal agencies said they would allow a one-year transition before banks have to comply again with the regular standard.


Virus is Dodd-Frank's first real test


If banks are unable to weather the economic fallout from the outbreak, calls for more dramatic reforms could get louder.