Licenses and charters

Fintechs interested in OCC charter despite lawsuits: Otting


The head of the agency developing the special-purpose federal license said the process is moving forward “independent” of legal challenges mounted by state regulators.


FDIC chief adds dose of caution about nontraditional bank owners


Jelena McWilliams has signaled a thaw in the agency’s approach to industrial loan companies, but she said tech firms and other nonbanks seeking charters should face the same level of regulatory scrutiny as more traditional banks.


State regulators refile suit to block OCC's fintech charter


State regulators have once again sued the OCC, arguing it lacks legal authority to offer a federal fintech banking charter.


Floodgates open? De novo applications surge at FDIC


Applications this year are more than double the 2017 mark and the most since 2009. But with some fintechs withdrawing their bids, observers are urging caution.


Why this fintech pulled its FDIC charter application


Colin Walsh, Varo Money's CEO, learned a lot from his first stab at deposit insurance. Lesson one: Work with one regulator at a time.


Fed will have the say on key parts of OCC’s fintech charter


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has been taking the lead on a federal license for fintech firms, but the central bank will decide if such companies can access the payments system and other benefits.


N.Y. state refiles suit to block OCC's 'reckless' fintech charter


The state's banking regulator and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors are reviving litigation after the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said it would accept charter applications.


In praise of Gerspach; Equifax’s other concern


Bullish update by the accomplished Citi CFO boosts shares; credit bureau may have been distracted by prior incident.


Can state AGs really serve as 'mini-CFPBs'?


Several states pledged to compensate for a slowdown in enforcement at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under Mick Mulvaney, but their efforts have been complicated by tight budgets and doubts over whether such initiatives are necessary.


Who's on first? The confusing state of federal fintech regulation


A week after the Treasury Department laid out a plan for federal fintech regulation, it is already unclear which agency is leading the charge.