Licenses and charters

A path forward for public banks?


A bill recently introduced in the California state assembly would create a framework for local governments to set up their own taxpayer-owned banks. It’s more specific than other public-bank proposals, which raised more questions than they answered, but still faces long odds.


Fed, FDIC to hold public meetings on BB&T-SunTrust deal


The Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. will hold two public meetings on BB&T's planned purchase of SunTrust to consider the deal's impact on the U.S. banking system


Who will regulate BB&T-SunTrust?


With the two companies said to be still mulling which charter to seek, the various options each have possible advantages and drawbacks.


Former CFPB staffer named Florida's banking commissioner


Ronald Rubin, who was a CFPB enforcement attorney, will head an office overseeing nearly 200 state-chartered banks.


FDIC extends comment period on de novo bank process


The agency began seeking comments in December through a "request for information" on how to improve the agency's process for considering new deposit insurance applications.


Is the OCC's fintech charter really 'perfect' for mortgage lenders?


As suspense builds over which firm will be the first to seek the special-purpose charter, a side discussion has emerged over which financial services sector has the most to gain — or lose — from the new option.


Are fintechs better off taking the ILC route to banking?


The industrial loan company charter is getting more attention as doubts grow about a new federal license for fintechs.


Fed not an impediment to fintechs' charter ambitions: OCC's Otting


Some in the industry worry the Fed may balk at allowing OCC charter recipients into the payments system, but Otting downplayed those concerns.


Fintechs may finally win charter chase in 2019


Whether it's the OCC's special-purpose charter, ILCs or some other option, observers see fintechs being able to obtain banking powers.


OCC seeks dismissal of states' lawsuit opposing fintech charter


The agency refuted claims by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors that the OCC was overstepping its authority.