Licenses and charters

Can state AGs really serve as 'mini-CFPBs'?


Several states pledged to compensate for a slowdown in enforcement at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under Mick Mulvaney, but their efforts have been complicated by tight budgets and doubts over whether such initiatives are necessary.


Who's on first? The confusing state of federal fintech regulation


A week after the Treasury Department laid out a plan for federal fintech regulation, it is already unclear which agency is leading the charge.


ICBA calls for a new FDIC moratorium on industrial loan charter applications


The industry group wants the FDIC to reject an ILC request from student lender Nelnet and impose a two-year ban on future applications.


With OCC’s door officially open, will fintechs enter?


Fintech firms have the federal option they have long sought, but meeting the agency’s application requirements will not be easy.


After years of debate, OCC to offer fintech charter


The decision, unveiled just hours after the Treasury Department endorsed the charter concept, means some fintech firms could soon be regulated more like banks.


Square quietly withdraws bank application


The payments processor has pulled its submission to the FDIC to become a depository bank but says it plans to make a second attempt soon.


‘Sandboxes make me nervous’: 10 questions for California bank commish


Jan Lynn Owen works at the epicenter of the digital revolution, but she is unambiguously cautious about the fintech industry.


How Treasury could come down on fintech regulation


With the question of a federal charter still looming, Treasury's last report on changes to the financial regulatory system will focus on nonbanks and new tech startups.


Decision on fintech charter coming this summer: OCC’s Otting


The remarks by the comptroller of the currency came as his agency released a new report on emerging risks in the banking industry.


With OCC wavering on fintech charter, judge drops states’ lawsuit


Judge Dabney Friedrich ruled that the case could not proceed because the OCC has not actually granted the fintech charter to any firm.