Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan joins B of A in quiet warning: Crypto could disrupt banks


JPMorgan Chase just weighed in again on virtual currencies — very discreetly.


JPMorgan plans new Manhattan headquarters for 15,000 workers


The nation's largest bank plans to consolidate employees from multiple office buildings into the 2.5 million-square-foot building. Construction is expected to be completed in 2024.


JPMorgan: Cryptocurrencies 'could potentially have a role' in investor portfolios


In what could be seen as a mea culpa for CEO Jamie Dimon's disparagement of bitcoin five months ago, the Wall Street megabank has released a big and relatively bullish report on cryptocurrencies.


Looking beyond Dimon; Wells taps mortgage chief


JPM CEO is expected to remain at the bank for another five years; Michael DeVito had been serving on an interim basis since his predecessor was fired late last year.


JPMorgan's executive shuffle: Is a woman CEO out of the picture?


Speculation has existed for awhile that JPMorgan Chase could be the first of the megabanks to name a woman chief executive, but the elevation of executives Daniel Pinto and Gordon Smith to co-presidents and co-COOs seemed to put them in the lead to succeed Jamie Dimon.


At Davos, high spirits belie deepening sense of systemic unease


Some bankers spread the religion of this year's feel-good World Economic Forum, but others were more circumspect. The list of potential threats remains lengthy — including trade wars and the bursting of the bitcoin bubble — and all pose risks to banks and the economy.


JPMorgan's Dimon still sees chance of cutting 4,000 jobs in U.K.


Jamie Dimon said his bank could cut more than 4,000 jobs from its U.K. workforce if a suitable deal isn't reached in Britain's exit from the European Union.


Cryptocurrencies concern regulators; banks applaud Trump


SEC, CFTC heads say cyber markets “show little or no regard” for regulation; Dimon and Blankfein say president’s policies help the economy and their businesses.


JPMorgan boosts Dimon's pay 5.4% to $29.5M for 2017


It was the second-biggest package the 61-year-old billionaire banker has received since he became CEO in 2005, only trailing his $49.9 million of reported compensation for 2007.


Tax cuts will lead to mortgage boom, right? Wrong, says Dimon


The JPMorgan Chase CEO is rejecting arguments that banks are poised to loosen underwriting standards to win more mortgage business. He said what's needed to encourage banks to make more loans to borrowers with spotty credit files are changes to FHA rules and other policy fixes.