Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan finds a way out of economic maze. Can others?


Its quarterly results show lower rates and emerging credit risks can be overcome. Whether most banks have all the same levers to pull is another matter.


JPMorgan felt barred from calming repo market by regulations


JPMorgan Chase had the cash and willingness to calm short-term funding markets when they went haywire in mid-September, but the banking giant said regulations held it back.


Goldman’s ‘money pit;’ lenders embrace small installment loans


Goldman’s consumer unit, Marcus, has so far lost $1.3 billion; big lenders like JPMorgan Chase and Amex are making loans for small-ticket items like clothes and cosmetics.


Dimon’s role in WeWork IPO fiasco; Freddie tests underwriting software


JPMorgan, which led the offering, may have “enabled” the startup’s questionable behavior; the system may enable more people to get approved for mortgages.


Banks counting on GSE reform to stop mortgage share erosion


While no one is suggesting that the plan will help banks regain the share they've ceded to nonbanks, bankers believe that stabilizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could at least help them keep what they have.


Deutsche joins JPM-led payments network; fired Wells employees’ woes


The move adds heft to the blockchain-based Interbank Information Network; many of those terminated in the phony accounts scandal say they’ve been blacklisted.


PNC on M&A, API call uptick, next in GSE reform: Top stories of the week


The Pittsburgh company is not interested in bank acquisitions, CEO Demchak says; why Citi, Wells, JPMorgan are seeing a spike in API calls; FHFA's Mark Calabria details next steps on GSE reform; and more from this week's most-read stories.


JPM prepping for zero rates; N.J. to pressure banks on guns


Dimon doesn’t expect it to happen, but the bank is getting ready just in case; the state will require banks to disclose their relationship with gun sellers.


Dimon: Treasury’s GSE plan ‘going in the right direction’


JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said at an investor conference that the Trump administration's plan for Fannie and Freddie would provide more opportunities for financial institutions. He also called for an end to the U.S.-China trade war and weighed in on the prospect of interest rates falling to zero.


What's next for OnDeck after breakup with JPMorgan?


The online lender is counting on other arrangements with banks — and perhaps even a bank charter of its own — to help recover from the loss of a key partnership.