Identity verification

Wells' digital future, Citizens' mortgage play, Amex's data goldmine: Top stories of the week


Talking with Shari Van Cleave, head of Wells Fargo Digital Labs; Citizens Financial makes a big move in mortgages in purchasing Franklin American; a rewards blockchain could give Amex access to a wealth of customer data; and more from this week's most-read stories.


How Capital One sees digital identity as a business opportunity


With the acquisition of Confyrm, the bank is among the few players that are putting themselves in position to sell ID authentication services to other businesses.


Vasco buys digital ID company, changes name to OneSpan


The authentication software and hardware provider is shifting its focus to identity verification and account onboarding, another sign that the newest generation of bank customers is not interested in coming into a branch to set up an account.


Facing up to bias in facial recognition


The recent outcry over government use of Amazon's facial recognition software will force TD Bank, USAA and others to confront flaws in the technology that make it harder for women and minorities than white men to use mobile banking.


HSBC offers Face ID to corporate clients


The move is part of a larger trend to provide enterprise customers with tech capabilities available to retail customers.


An insider's account: The making of the MOBILE Act


How a measure to make opening online accounts easier was crafted — and why it needs to pass Congress.


Can blockchain ease banks’ digital-identity concerns?


A startup called Spring Labs has launched a blockchain network with the goal of getting lenders and data providers to share data to help verify customers' identity.


JPM leadership, Trump & Wells and more: Top stories of the week


JPMorgan Chase get a new branch banking leader; Trump's anti-Wells tweet stokes concerns; blockchain, GSE survival, and more in this week's top stories.


Can a BBVA spinoff crack the digital ID code?


Covault has begun offering a digital identification and virtual safe deposit box service to banks and others. Similar efforts have failed before, but its backers say mobile apps and the cloud have made the service more practical.


Has tech earned our trust, or are we just complacent?


We entrust tech firms with vast amounts of information about our daily lives, with an expectation that they will safeguard it. But have we become too casual in the trust we place with them in exchange for more personalized experience and convenience?