Identity verification

Payfone rebrands, buys authentication tech from Early Warning


The company has renamed itself Prove and says that the acquisition will allow it to
help banks fine-tune their security procedures when serving customers.


Identity fraud is soaring. Here's how one lender is attacking it.


Axcess Financial is using stronger authentication, studying up on bad actors and planning to use a federal service that automates verification of Social Security numbers.


Will banks get caught up in facial recognition backlash?


Consumer advocates and policymakers are railing against use of the technology by government, universities and others. Banks using it for authentication need to tread cautiously, experts say.


Online lenders confront deepfake threat


Some fraudsters pose as loan applicants and submit doctored video or photos of property and assets to scam lenders they won't see in person. Firms like Elevate Funding and Credibly are fighting back.


'Everything is breakable': Why BBVA wants to ditch passwords


The bank is investing in a new authentication platform because password-based security systems have too many weaknesses, says Juan Francisco Losa, BBVA’s global head of security architecture.


More regulation's needed to protect biometrics


The current climate is akin to the Wild West, with little protection for the consumer, and new regulations are needed if the technology is to continue to expand in a safe and sustainable way, argues Mitek's Stephen Ritter.


Expect 'a lot more dismantling': A fintech entrepreneur's vision for 2020


Jason Gardner, founder and CEO of the card issuer Marqeta, discusses his experiences in starting up multiple fintechs and makes predictions for the new year.


Congress needs to hurry up on data protection


Consumer identities are becoming increasingly digital and more prone to privacy risks. Lawmakers cannot sit idle.


Stop marketing to women and start designing for them


Companies are turning off prospective customers and employees with misguided approaches.


Fake ID fraud is declining, but small lenders are still vulnerable


Though synthetic identity fraud is down across the industry, there's been an uptake in such attacks targeting credit unions.