Code names and flowers: Rabobank's novel approach to protecting customer data


Europe's new data privacy rules have forced banks to get creative to protect sensitive data from in appropriate access or breaches.


Why banks like Barclays are testing quantum computing


Barclays, Morgan Stanley, True Positive and other firms are turning to the technology for simulations and problems that demand large quantities of computing power.


IBM gives its regtech an upgrade


The company said the aim of a redesign and additional automation is to make its compliance software easier for bankers to use.


How new IBM partnership could speed AI


A popular AI open-source platform with bank investors is being combined with IBM hardware and Nvidia processors in the hopes of creating high-speed, “driverless” AI.


Citizens recruits a career coach from IBM’s AI lab


Ctizens Financial Group is partnering with IBM to develop a virtual career coach that will use artificial intelligence to help employees set career goals and determine what kind of training they need to develop new skills.


Is Envestnet’s market dominance also its weakness?


The technology platform powerhouse is betting on integration, but competitors eye disruption.


What fintech Armanta will supply IBM’s Watson


A need for risk-focused data aggregation and analytics tools is at the heart of IBM's latest acquisition for its bank consulting portfolio.


IBM buys fintech Armanta


The acquisition is part of IBM’s recent focus on financial risk management services.


Large U.S. banks scramble to meet EU data privacy rules


Many large internationally active U.S. banks are facing potentially hefty fines if they fail to comply with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect May 25 and gives consumers much more control over how their data is gathered, used and shared.


Northern Trust adds auditing to distributed ledger


The bank’s distributed ledger for private equity deals can now provide nodes to auditors, so they can easily access documents and data for their annual reviews.