FHA revises loss mitigation options for hurricane victims


The new policy, meant to assist borrowers in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, will let servicers evaluate borrowers using pre-disaster payment information.


HUD seeks to ease fair housing rule's burden on local governments


The Trump administration has argued that the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, issued in 2015, was too prescriptive.


Treasury urges mortgage sector to embrace digital tech


The administration’s recent report on fintech innovation discussed ways to adopt electronic promissory notes — or eNotes — and automated appraisals in federal mortgage programs.


Fair-lending doctrines could take beating from conservative court


The banking industry lost a key battle in the Supreme Court over the use of “disparate impact,” but legal observers see potential for the tide to turn if Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed.


Reverse mortgage program shouldn't be fixed on backs of seniors: FHA chief


Brian Montgomery is examining why the reverse mortgage program has suffered big losses, but he said he opposes any changes that could make it harder for the elderly to stay in their homes.


Waters unveils bill to restore HUD fair housing policies


The Democratic congresswoman said the department under Secretary Ben Carson has turned "its back on its mission."


House passes bill allowing telecom, utility payments in credit scores


The legislation, authored by Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., is aimed at helping lower-income consumers build their credit histories.


HUD taking a closer look at 'disparate impact' rule


Courts have validated the legal theory behind punishing lenders for unintentional discrimination, but the Trump administration has shown interest in revising the Obama-era policy.


Overhauling 'dark ages' FHA a must for housing reform, HUD says


Risk management and technology systems at the Federal Housing Administration lag decades behind Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and desperately need to be revamped, according to a top official at HUD.


CFPB signals pullback on discrimination cases


The CFPB is looking to rescind Obama-era policy that allowed it to punish banks and financial firms for unintentional discrimination.