Crapo to join HUD's Carson at event on affordable housing


Secretary Ben Carson was invited by the head of the Senate Banking Committee to Idaho to discuss low-income housing shortages.


Don’t let AI trigger a fair-lending violation


Banks need to mitigate potential bias in algorithmic predictive models using artificial intelligence, as regulators are weighing how to oversee the emerging technology.


FHA cracks down on cash-out refinancing


The Federal Housing Administration is aiming to limit the share of borrowers who have been withdrawing money from the value of their homes.


HUD plan would raise bar for claims of fair-lending abuse


Under a proposal yet to be officially unveiled, plaintiffs relying on the so-called “disparate impact” doctrine would have to show a more direct link between a lender’s policy and discriminatory effect.


Mnuchin's former bank agrees to $100M redlining settlement


The Department of Housing and Urban Development approved a settlement in favor of the California Reinvestment Coalition against CIT Group's OneWest Bank, which was run by Steven Mnuchin prior to him becoming Treasury secretary.


Former CFPB official 'may have abused his authority': Inspector general


Eric Blankenstein, now at HUD, is under fire for asking a subordinate to defend him after it was revealed he wrote racially charged blogs 14 years earlier.


Federal court blocks HUD guidance on down payment assistance


The ruling deals a blow to efforts by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to restrict nonprofit housing funds from operating on a national scale.


What to expect when you're expecting a report on GSE reform


Treasury and HUD are close to unveiling administrative and legislative options for ending the conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Will their findings be heavy on detail or leave a lot unanswered?


'The right to financial services should be universal': Comments of the week


Readers respond to how Congress should address AI, concerns on Facebook's Libra and its logo, a report challenging card fraud prevention and more.


Senators: Decision to halt FHA lending to DACA recipients is unacceptable


A group of Senate Democrats have called on HUD Secretary Ben Carson to reverse his agency’s opinion that borrowers in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program are ineligible for FHA loans.