Cost of GSEs' mortgage market support may be too steep for lenders


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now able to buy loans in forbearance to alleviate pressure on the sector, but the fees charged by the mortgage giants to assume more risk could turn away some originators.


Fannie, Freddie won’t require lump-sum forbearance repayments


The FHFA's director said the announcement is meant to “combat ongoing misinformation” about efforts to let homeowners skip mortgage payments due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Federal Home Loan banks to offer more liquidity for PPP lenders


The policy move will allow small institutions participating in the Paycheck Protection Program to pledge business loans as collateral to obtain advances.


GSEs to buy mortgages in forbearance to ease origination pressure


The FHFA will allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for a limited time, to purchase loans for which the borrower has sought to postpone payments because of the economic effects of the coronavirus.


Can government do anything to stop mortgage market contraction?


Efforts to calm lenders’ fears about coronavirus-related forbearance may not offset tightening standards, and the FHA is less likely to boost volume than it was during the financial crisis.


FHFA tries to cut liquidity-strained mortgage servicers some slack


The agency said it is aligning policies for Fannie Mae- and Freddie Mac-backed loans in forbearance so that servicers are only responsible for advancing four months of missed payments.


CFPB, FHFA to share data on mortgage servicing


The Borrower Protection Program enables the two agencies to exchange information about loss mitigation efforts and consumer complaints regarding specific servicers.


Wall Street puts blame on Calabria for blocking mortgage aid


At issue is whether the U.S. should step in now to save nonbank mortgage servicers to head off damage to the housing market.


Senators urge oversight council to provide relief to mortgage servicers


A bipartisan group of lawmakers wrote in a letter to the Treasury secretary that the Financial Stability Oversight Council should create a liquidity facility to deal with a flood of forbearance requests brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.


Long-term crisis could put GSEs on unsteady ground, FHFA chief says


Mark Calabria said Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are currently equipped to handle elevated delinquencies, but they might need congressional or Federal Reserve help if fallout from the coronavirus persists.