States try to help borrowers left out of federal forbearance plans


One criticism of the CARES Act is that it provides relief only to borrowers with government-backed loans. Bills in New York and California would cover the remaining 30% of homeowners.


How lenders are preparing for a wave of loan modifications


With no way of knowing just how many borrowers will need the mods after the coronavirus forbearance period ends, lenders are deploying artificial intelligence and servicing protocols to tame the ferocious piles of paperwork awaiting them.


Will GSEs' record-high capital requirements scare investors away?


Some observers wonder if proposed regulatory targets for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will stoke concerns about low shareholder returns. But others suggest those fears are unfounded.


Fannie, Freddie capital goals raised; credit card, auto loans eroding


The FHFA says the two government-sponsored enterprises need at least $240 billion of capital before they can go private; Transunion says more than 3% of consumer loans it tracks are in financial hardship.


FHFA plan would make GSEs hold banklike capital amounts


The much-anticipated proposal, which would not go into effect until after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are privatized, reflects Director Mark Calabria’s aggressive efforts to get the companies on a strong financial footing.


FHFA close to unveiling capital plan for privatized GSEs


Director Mark Calabria, who abandoned the Fannie and Freddie capital proposal written by his predecessor, said he expects a revised framework to be ready “very soon.”


Fannie, Freddie seek bids from prospective financial advisers


The two mortgage giants said they would begin the process of hiring outside firms to help raise capital that will be needed to exit conservatorship.


How Fannie Mae's advance cap has impacted the market so far


Some benefits are materializing from Fannie Mae's pledge to limit servicers' exposure to principal-and-interest advances the way Freddie Mac does, but counterparties of both GSEs remain exposed to other concerns.


Banks tighten lending standards as coronavirus crimps demand: Survey


Lenders implemented stricter underwriting across all loan types in the first quarter as the pandemic upended the economy, the Federal Reserve said in its survey of loan officers.


FHLB of San Francisco offers aid for banks fighting pandemic strains


The Home Loan bank will make zero-interest loans, match charitable donations that members make to nonprofits and small businesses, and provide additional funding for economic development grants.