$11 trillion U.S. mortgage market has a shadowy new player


Financial regulators have been put on notice about the risk of an economically damaging cash crunch in the home mortgage market. Behind the concern: the rapid growth of shadow banks in the origination and servicing of home loans.


Warren steps into repo turmoil, asks Mnuchin for answers


The Massachusetts senator and presidential candidate warned the Treasury secretary not to use the incident as a rationale for weakening regulations.


Mnuchin blasts Libra plan ahead of Facebook CEO's testimony


The Treasury secretary repeated his concerns about the social media giant's proposed cryptocurrency, one day before Mark Zuckerberg is expected to face tough questioning from House lawmakers.


Does Amazon-Google-Microsoft hold on the cloud pose a risk to banking?


With financial institutions relying more and more on cloud computing services, Washington is increasingly focused on the concentration of industry data in the big three technology giants.


FSOC’s proposals would promote financial stability, not undermine it


Focusing regulatory reforms on risk-based activities is a more effective approach to weeding out potential systemic threats.


Lowering the bar on financial regulation is fraught with risk


A recent proposal by the Financial Stability Oversight Council to focus less on certain nonbank firms and more on risk activities would create unintended economic harm.


Lawmakers spar over whether Fannie, Freddie are SIFIs


There is bipartisan agreement in the Senate that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are "too big to fail" but some lawmakers are skeptical that a SIFI designation is appropriate.


6 policy responses to leveraged lending fears


Options include legislation to study the risk of leveraged loans, more aggressive action by the Financial Stability Oversight Council and additional capital buffers. Policymakers may also choose to do nothing.


System can withstand threat posed by leveraged lending: Powell


Although higher corporate debt could hurt the economy, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell argued changes made since the last crisis will guard against a meltdown.


Brown to regulators: Be ready to discuss leveraged loans at hearing


The ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee says he wants answers from the Financial Stability Oversight Council on efforts to address corporate debt risks.