Yellen balks at calling asset managers systemically risky


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she prefers to have the Financial Stability Oversight Council flag hazardous activities by nonbanks rather than subject specific firms to heightened supervision.



Will banks be pulled into GameStop uproar?


Banks weren't involved in the trading frenzy, but some observers say the regulatory response should address risks to all financial institutions.


Panel of regulators flags financial stability risks from pandemic


The economic fallout from COVID-19 has highlighted systemic concerns about commercial real estate exposure, business debt and short-term wholesale funding, the Financial Stability Oversight Council said in an annual report.


What to expect when you’re expecting divided government


President-elect Joe Biden will likely have to contend with a Republican-controlled Senate. That could have important implications for his approach to financial services policy.


FSOC leaves mortgage markets uncertain


FSOC’s statement on the FHFA’s proposed capital rule raises questions for market participants trying to anticipate a post-conservatorship secondary mortgage market, should the incoming administration go through with the GSEs’ exit from governmental control.


Oversight council warns of systemic threat from Fannie, Freddie


The Financial Stability Oversight Council said the mortgage giants may need a bigger capital cushion than their regulator has proposed, but stopped short of designating them as “systemically important financial institutions.”