6 policy responses to leveraged lending fears


Options include legislation to study the risk of leveraged loans, more aggressive action by the Financial Stability Oversight Council and additional capital buffers. Policymakers may also choose to do nothing.


System can withstand threat posed by leveraged lending: Powell


Although higher corporate debt could hurt the economy, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell argued changes made since the last crisis will guard against a meltdown.


Brown to regulators: Be ready to discuss leveraged loans at hearing


The ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee says he wants answers from the Financial Stability Oversight Council on efforts to address corporate debt risks.


Is Dodd-Frank council evolving, or throwing in the towel?


The Financial Stability Oversight Council is shifting away from designating specific nonbanks and moving toward identifying activities that threaten the whole system. But some say that approach just weakens the council.


Bank regulators aren't doing enough to address economic inequality


The Financial Stability Oversight Council should adopt measures that help vulnerable communities.


Senate bill would add another step to FSOC designation process


A bipartisan group of senators is proposing legislation to require the Financial Stability Oversight Council to weigh alternatives before putting a large, complex nonbank under Federal Reserve supervision.


Takeaways from Trump budget: CFPB reform, FHA fees and student loans


The 2020 budget would add the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and FSOC to congressional appropriations, charge lenders for FHA upgrades and require universities to have skin in the game on student loans.


Dodd-Frank oversight council wants to make it harder to designate nonbanks


The revisions would emphasize activities-based regulation over labeling individual firms as systemically risky.


Is Dodd-Frank oversight council still relevant?


The interagency panel formed to head off approaching systemic risks must figure out its next move after having undone designations of nonbank firms.


Regulators need to be stress-tested, too


The banking agencies would benefit from running simulations designed to ensure they’re ready to handle the next crisis.