Wells internal review may unearth more problems: CEO Sloan


Tim Sloan told investors Tuesday that Wells could uncover more examples of financial harm to its customers as part of its ongoing review of its sales practices.


Can AI spy financial crime without implicating innocents?


Some bankers fear the use of artificial intelligence in detecting crime could catch innocent customers in a dragnet. Proponents say it can do a better job of spotting true criminals.


Senators ask AG Sessions to halt Choke Point


Despite assurances that the Department of Justice crackdown on banks' third-party relationships is ceasing, lawmakers say it is still having an impact.


Would consumers pay $13 a year for a safer debit card?


U.S. banks face a tricky calculus in deciding whether to adopt expensive technology aimed at reducing online fraud.


Wells Fargo told to rehire whistleblower, pay $5.4 million


The U.S. government ordered Wells Fargo to reinstate a former bank manager who was fired after reporting suspected illegal behavior to his superiors and a company hotline.


Fake bank accounts are rare, but there's a bigger problem


The Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal is shining such a bright spotlight that more pervasive problems with the industry’s sales practices are getting lost in the shadows.


The Bancorp posts 4Q loss on writedowns, suspected loan fraud


The company, which provided few details about the possible fraud, plans to hold a conference call Friday.


Nothing to see here? Banks' latest cybersecurity concern


The latest cyberattacks on banks (and others including the Democratic National Committee) can no longer be found by traditional means, as they lurk in memory and necessary computing tools.


Former NOVA chairman sentenced for Tarp fraud


Barry Bekkedam was also fined $100,000 for a failed effort to bring in Tarp funds before NOVA failed in 2012.


Fraud magnet


Western Union received more than half a million consumer fraud complaints between 2004 and 2015. Authorities said that a relatively small number of company agents handled a large share of the illegal transactions