Mnuchin says Cohen bank report release appears unauthorized


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that banking records of President Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen appear to have been leaked from a database maintained by his department.


Banks strain to satisfy competing AML, data protection rules


Deadlines imposed by U.S. and EU regulators are giving banks intercontinental whiplash.


Weakest link in Fincen's AML rule? Bank customers


A long-anticipated financial rule could help law enforcement root out illegal activity, but it requires banks to keep extra-close tabs on certain business clients. That won't be easy.


Next stop on the reg relief train: Reforming AML rules


Bankers have long complained that anti-money-laundering regulations impose an extra burden without really stopping major crime. D.C. is finally listening.


Bankers can't be too cautious with crypto


Financial institutions engaged in virtual currency markets face a number of risks — proceeding carefully is justified.


Lower exam fees in OCC’s future: Otting


The comptroller said he is looking to capitalize on the industry's strong profits and high capital reserves to reduce costs and lower exam fees next year.


Banks struggle to unmask true account owners for looming AML rule


Efforts by financial institutions to track "beneficial ownership" data in advance of a regulatory deadline next month is complicated by the challenge of getting customers to cough up the information.


DOJ pot crackdown has yet to hit banks


Attorney General Jeff Sessions made headlines in January when he tightened federal marijuana enforcement. But the good news for financial institutions looking to service the pot industry is that the rest of the government has responded with a shrug.


Did banks’ KYC controls fail in Russian efforts to swing election?


Foreign operatives' alleged use of fraudulent financial accounts to try to influence the U.S. political system shows again how difficult it is for banks to truly know their customers.


U.S. Bancorp, a big bank untouched by scandal — until now


The bank’s unsullied image took a hit when it admitted to misleading regulators regarding its efforts to combat money laundering.